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Track Car Hire

At Jordan Performance we believe that a good track day car is one that not only gives you excellent
performance on the track but is also fun to drive.

Our Renault Clio has been built specifically with a track day in mind. The car can be set up for any
skill level, so whether you are a seasoned track veteran or a total beginner you can be sure you
will have an excellent day.


Our Renault Clio is an exceptional track day car. It has a 2.0 litre, 16 valve, 182bhp engine and weighs
less than 1000kg.

Each hire car is equipped with a full weld in MSA roll cage, 6 point harness, electric cut off and a full
fire extinguisher system to ensure you have maximum safety on your day.

The car has fully adjustable racing suspension so it can be set up for any experience level or track. It also has
uprated brake lines and performance friction brake pads so it stops very well.

You will be very surprised what this little hot hatch will beat on the track.

On your day you will not only have the use of our track car but also our technical and racing experience. Included in
the hire price is complete mechanical support from one of our vehicle technicians. You will also have a full day’s tuition
from one of our ARD’s instructors at no extra cost.

Hire Car Statistics

Weight: 950kg
Engine: 2.0 litre, 16 valve
Power: 182 bhp
Top Speed: 138 mph
0-60: 6.5 seconds

Hire Price Includes

-One full days track car hire
-Delivery to most UK tracks
-Complete mechanical support from one of our vehicle technicians
-All day tuition from an ARD’s instructor
-First full tank of fuel

Please Note: Hire price does not include the cost of the track day, however you can book them through us at an additional cost